Historic Slavonice through the Eyes and Drawings of Children

The Centre for the Future hosted the exhibition of children’s drawings of many historic buildings in Slavonice. These delightful interpretations offer insight into the way children of Slavonice view and value these places. The exhibition is crrently on display at the Institut Slavonice, 456 Namesti Miru, Slavonice. Please feel free to come and enjoy.


Judith Clute

The Centre for the Future is delighted to have supported an exhibition of Judith’s work in Prague and hosted an exhibition in Slavonice. Some of her recent work is currently on display at the Centre.


Morna Livingston

Morna Livingston, autor of the book „Steps to Water“, has visited the Czech Republic on numerous occasions. The Centre was delighted to have her work exhibited in the village of Mutišov, Czech Republic. Her images of gardens from the region will be featured in an upcoming book.

David Aschkenas

The relatioship between land and culture give rise to the cultural landscapes that surround us and reflect our heritage. David was our guest as he explored and documented some of the heritage of the Czech Republic, South Bohemia and Lower Austria. HIs recent work will be exhibited in Pittsburgh, Prague and Slavonice.