The Centre for the Future Media Department was created to document, produce, publicize and promote activities of the Institution and its partners as well as to develop and produce audio visual content which reflect the Centre’s interests and intentions. We continuously cover local content and are involved parallel in major international documentary productions.

Vaclav Cilek: Visiting Four Corners

The Media & Communications team produced a special visit to the US South West with Vaclav Cilek.


Slavonice Studio 2011 

media1The third visit of Laurie Olin to the Centre for the Future in February, 2011 was joined by a group of 6 students from  the Czech Technical University. This special workshop offered students of intenational backgrounds to discover common ground and work closely together.

Laurie Olin Prague
At the final presentation of the workshop outcomes in Prague, Laurie Olin made the following commentary on the state of landscape architecture in the Czech Republic and opportunities for hte future.




Sustainable Futures

The Sustainable Futures workshop was a unique opportunity for a group of architecture students from the North Carolina State University Prague Institute to explore Slavonice as an intact community and to contemplate challenges to a sustainable future. Historical background and previous workshop findings proved an invaluable asset in preparing a conceptual framework for the future, identifying critical questions to be addressed in the search for resiliance and sustainability. Please feel free to view the brief video of the workshop.

▶ Sustainable Future workshop – YouTube



Food & Energy

This international, interdisciplinary workshop conducted a detailed study of the food and energy systems that Slavonice cepends on. This in depth study explored the historical cultural, political, economic and environmental background that is the basis of the current relationships with the now globalized food and energy systems. The students then prepared proposals that propose strategies for developing resiliance to threats to these globalized dependancies. Please feel free to view the brief video of the workshop.

▶ Food and Energy workshop – YouTube

Furthermore, the Media Department is committed to providing leading edge education for motivated local/regional individuals, includingyouth who, following the successful completion of our Media workshops, will be encouraged to contribute independently developed content to the Centre for the Future networks. The Media Department operates with flexibly assembled professional teams and state of the art equipment in pre and postproduction under the guidance of CazimDervisevic, journalist and award winning filmmaker.