Cycle Paths

Over the past two years the Centre has designed, mapped and marked themed cycle routes in the cross border area of Southeast Bohemia and Lower Austria. Each route is designed to give the visitor an opportunity to discover the very unique qualities of this border region and, to focus on a particular dimension of the landscape. The themed routes include Flora & Fauna, Adrenaline, Religion and Firehouses. The most recent path, Vanished Villages, explores one of the asymmetries of this border area; the expulsions at the end of the Second World War, the Demolition of villages and the insertion of the iron curtain. This route traverses both sides of the borderland, visiting sites of vanished villages on the Czech side and villages that remain intact on the Austrian side.

This project has been sponsored by the European Union and Silva Nortica.

Solar Workshop 2012

Youth of Slavonice participated in a solar workshop that gave youth of the town an opportunity to construct solar recharging equipment. This project was organized by Rainer Mikshe, Milan Soucek, Tomas Heczko and supported by Silva Nortica. Please fee freee to view the brief video of the workshop using the link below.

▶ Solar Workshop Slavonice 2012 – YouTube