Environmental Stewardship Education For the first time in history the majority of humans live in cities. People are becoming detached from contact with nature just as stresses on the environment are increasing exponentially around the world. It is essential for the future health of the planet that all children be raised to experience the vitality of the natural world and to learn the essential impulse of stewardship. Over the last 20 years at the Telluride Institute in Colorado USA we have developed a pedagogy for environmental stewardship that today is taught at all the schools of the San Miguel River Watershed. The Center for the Future will promote the broader application of these curricula, adapting them as necessary to other environments.

Closing the „Sustainability Application Gap“ The modern idea of sustainability is only just over 20 years old, but in that time it has spread all around our planet and been adopted by all types of societies, from the aboriginal corners of the third world to the cutting edge laboratories of the information age. Unfortunately, the advanced thinking and technologies of sustainability are not in general reaching the many decision makers in business and government who could be applying sustainability in their thinking today, and who are not philosophically inclined to do so. We call this the Sustainability Application Gap. Closing this gap is the most direct action that can be taken right now to speed the transition to a sustainable future. This educational task is where our main effort is focused. Our European base in Slavonice and Prague, Czech Republic is in the centre of the new Europe. Decision makers in business and government, university students, and educators from all across Europe will come here for short, hands-on, immersion courses on how to apply sustainability in their decision-making. After they leave we will remain available to support their efforts.