The Centre for the Future has had the honor to work with a wide variety of partner institutions and organizations from around the world. The following list is some of the partners we have worked with and continue to work with.

• European Green Belt,

• Sliva Nortica:  Euroregion Silva Nortica

• Nadace Partnerstvi: Nadace Partnerství

Nadace Via

Slavonice, Czech Republic

Dobersberg, Austria

• Institut Slavonice: Institut Slavonice is an international conference center located in Slavonice

• Fakulta Architektury, ČVUT v Praze: FA ČVUT: CTU in Prague, Faculty of Architecture

State University of New York: College of Environmental Science and Forestry

• North Carolina State Univeristy, Prague Institute: NC State University | Prague Institute

• University of Pennsylvania Department of Landsscape Architecture: PennDesign | Landscape Architecture

• Philadelphia University, School of Architecture: Philadelphia University: College of Architecture and the Built Environment

• Telluride Institute: Telluride institute – Home

• Friends of Via: Friends of Via Home

• reSITE: reSITE

• Barak o.s.

• yoga Omline:

• Měks Slavonice: Městské kulturní středisko

• Radios | Secret Of Ha

• Slavonická renesanční společnost o.s.:

• AIS Vienna:  American International School • Vienna

• Slavonice-Zlabings: Slavonice – Zlabings